We strive to ethically produce and deliver quality products to our customers whilst recognising our responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment. 

It’s so important to us that we feel good about where our products come from so everything in the production process is done with ethics and sustainability at the forefront of our minds.

As part of our commitment to sustainability Pastel Designs: 

  • discourage ‘fast fashion’ by focusing on small production runs of well made, lasting pieces to encourage women to buy quality rather than quantity
  • pre-plan exact usage of printed fabric to avoid waste and only produce enough to meet demand
  • pre-shrink all fabric/trims for a more reliable fit and increased garment life
  • use compostable garment bags and mailing satchels 
  • offer only paper packaging
  • recycle/compost almost all of the waste produced at each market and festival

As much of the production process as possible takes place in our Byron Bay design studio, including all of the artwork for our unique fabric prints. We outsource the printing and sewing to a network of personally chosen makers we have established in Indonesia. We have worked directly and closely with our suppliers for several years now and take great care to develop mutually beneficial business relationships as well as ongoing friendships. Their workers are paid above minimum wage and their working environments are clean, comfortable and safe. On impromptu visits the staff appear to be happy and relaxed as well as respected and valued by their employer. Their presentation and positive attitudes indicate quality working conditions and fair treatment.

We are constantly on the look out for sustainable fabric and printing options to help lessen our impact on the environment. Our last trip to Bali was largely dedicated to exploring the most eco-friendly options available to us in Indonesia. It’s great to see a growing awareness of the importance of more sustainable materials and processes and we are excited to be implementing these new and progressive ways in our future ranges. Our latest range includes organic cotton pieces that are digitally printed. 

Moving forward in our commitment to the environment and anti-animal cruelty Meg has also chosen to phase out and discontinue leather products.

Our priority is trading in a manner that is kind to our fellow humans and this precious planet. We want our customers to leave us with a sense of having purchased something special, produced in an ethical way.

We endeavour to be 100% transparent in our practices so if you have any specific questions please feel free to send us a message